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Use of prototypes is a widely accepted and proven method for product design companies and 1st tier suppliers, to verify initial designs, forms and functionalities. CRYSTEL acknowledges this as well and offers clients all possible prototyping technologies.  For individual components, as well as for full scale models (incl ‘feels like real, works like real’ prototypes). Including all kinds of surface finishing. Pricing & lead times for prototyping at CRYSTEL are very competitive. Quality is undoubted. We have various contract manufacturers in China for your product. As you can not be there all the time we represent you on the spot, being co-located in the factory of your choice, from the early stages to and throughout the productions.


We provide sourcing, which is one of CRYSTEL’s greatest strengths. Our team include purchasing professionals with backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, who have a great amount of experience in low-cost sourcing. If it is components or complete products, we learn your needs to serve with the options that meet the requirements. You can trust us to make sourcing, manufacturing and fulfillment simple and fast.


We design engineering for manufacturing, detail, assembly & cost price engineering prior to series production. During engineering stages the solutions for smart & efficient manufacturing are generated. Taking the client’s designs as the starting point. Crystel is often already involved in the starting phase of design & engineering, to assure manufacturability and upscaling speed. When such is required specialized additional engineers can be hired. Always in close cooperation with the client. We ensure your product looks and functions exactly as it should.

Design & Development

Working with CRYSTEL ensures innovative solutions will meet all creative challenges. Professional product design and development make sure your product matches the needs of your customers. Your success is ours and vice versa.

At CRYSTEL we never stop until we find the best answer to the most complex challenges. Working with us for product design and development ensures your product fits the needs and reqirements of your customers. We study your business or product and come up with the right, collaborative plan. Our active involvement in all development stages promises a successful launch.


When you’re introducing a new product to the market, you need to be quick without compromising quality. You can’t afford any mistakes that will make you drive up costs and lose the opportunity you were trying to seize. At CRYSTEL we are dedicated to decreasing your time to market and avoid any problems that could delay your launch. We make sure you’ll get it right the first time.

We represent a variety of businesses & innovators that don’t have their own sales and marketing team, and wisely decided to outsource the work. We provide a dedicated, professional team to market your products. Our team identifies the ultimate objectives you plan to achieve, then tailor-make a marketing strategy that sells your product and get it to consumers more efficiently.

Supplier & Cost management

Businesses and innovators alike prefer to have someone on the spot, when their products are produced. CRYSTEL manages your suppliers and make sure all problems are detected and solved prior to product distribution. Cultural & language differences create difficulties. We are able to meet your requirements and get the last details perfectly managed. you do not have to waste valuable time on these time consuming details, you have a partner who you can count on. You sleep peacefully knowing someone knows your complex needs and professionally manages the entire process for you.

Cutting-edge Products

Over the past few years we’ve helped launch numerous products, which innovate the way we live. Here are a few examples:

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