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CRYSTEL started its way during 2006 in the field of telecommunications products by partnering with licensed brands to produce and deliver products to a variety of distributors worldwide.

Exhibiting the products in shows such as CES, IFA, HKTDC, MWC and Cebit opened channels to Carriers, Telco’s and ISP’s.

The new projects and built relationships encouraged CRYSTEL to develop new designs and to expand to other categories in the consumer electronics field, such as display products, TV boxes and wearables.

The presence in China for many years repeatedly proved its advantage and CRYSTEL acquired manufacturing and development projects from solid customers which are today the core of the business.

Having a variety of contract manufacturers in China is essential. Customers can not be there all the time and are being represented on the spot, being co-located in the factory of their choice, from the early stages to and throughout the productions.

CRYSTEL is structured with both Chinese and foreign staff and management accumulating over 70 man-years of experience, giving the ability to communicate with different languages and mentalities to reach the ideal levels of understanding.

CRYSTEL is always looking to challenge itself and is open to innovations and ideas. Crystel Assets are its know-how. Learning has no ending, it builds experience.

Bringing ideas to the world is what makes being in the products development field exciting….

Our History


Licensing agreement

Signed with Hyundai Corporation for brand licensing in Sweden, South Africa and Spain to provide telephony solutions

Slender Dect phone campaign

Massive campaign alongside Turk Telekom for the unique
Slender Dect phone with remote control function

Alarm clock launch

CRYSTEL announces the launch of a new attractive Alarm Clock Telephone, which is ready for mass production

New DECT line up presented

It was a great IFA show. CRYSTEL presented its new DECT line up for
2010/11 with models Cater, Tower and Elipto

Motorola agreement

CRYSTEL signs a distribution agreement with Motorola for Dect telephones

Magic box introduced

Magic box, the first Android TV box, is introduced at IFA exhibition in Berlin and at HKTDC in Hong Kong

TEAC sales

TEAC tablets reached top sales, number two in quantity sold in
Israel, according to GFK reports

Prototyping partnership

Agreement signed with Hang Board Model in Shenzhen for
prototyping partnership

Amigo launch

CRYSTEL Launches Amigo kids tracking watch and MD 5-in-1 Health
monitor in MWC Barcelona

Deltaprintr cooperation

Joined forces with Deltaprintr to build the supply chain and
manufacturing feasibility of the state of the art 3D printer

Mediola and CRYSTEL join forces

Mediola and CRYSTEL start working together on the manufacturing and licensing of AIO gateway

Powermat agreement

CRYSTEL signs cooperation agreement with Powermat for manufacturing and development of model Gen4

Customized tablet device introduced

Customized tablet device introduced by a large telecom provider

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